About Us

Michidora is a Korean BBQ restaurant.

It is located in Penrith, west of Sydney. It is a first Korean restaurant in the area, so we are very proud of it.


Michidora means “Crazy” and “Mad”. When people come to the restaurant and enjoy a meal, they find themselves going ‘crazy’ and ‘mad’ at how beautiful and delicious it is.

That’s why we called it MICHIDORA.


We serve high quality meats and seafood because we receive it from the best supplier in Sydney, so it is very fresh and good mouth feel.


We have very friendly staff.

The head chef has come from Korea and he has more than 30 years experience and the second chef has 10 years experience on the Korean cuisine.


We are aiming for our restaurant to have the best atmosphere in the Penrith area and the best restaurant in Penrith as well.

Therefore enjoy yourself, enjoy your meals and enjoy Michidora!


Thank you very much.


All staff of Michidora

*** Please contact us ( Phone # : 02 4722 2212,  Mobile # : 0469 917 520)